23 Dec 2015

To improve the scientific knowledge of large carnivores in the Baltic States and Poland, an important gateway to Europe for Russian large carnivores, a cross-border research program began in 2003 that involved hunters working alongside forestry agencies and scientists. 

23 Dec 2015

The declining population of eastern rock partridge (Alectoris graeca graeca) in Bulgaria means that the subspecies is at threat of extinction, and is a priority for conservation.  With financial support from the EU and the state, the Union of Hunters and Anglers of Bulgaria has halted the species’ decline and created the conditions for recolonisation of the species’ natural range.

22 Dec 2015

Target 2 of the EU Biodiversity Strategy calls upon Member States to restore at least 15% of degraded ecosystems by 2020.

The IUCN defines degraded ecosystems as those that have been simplified, disrupted or have lost biodiversity due to disturbance. On the other hand, restoration is defined by the European Commission as the return of an ecosystem to its original community structure, species complement and natural functions.

9 Dec 2015

Through its 34 action points, the FACE Biodiversity Manifesto demonstrates the engagement of European hunters for biodiversity conservation.

Since 2013, FACE is gathering examples of hunters’ actions contributing to biodiversity conservation, from awareness-raising to management activities, in order to evaluate the progress made under the engagements of the Biodiversity Manifesto. 

26 Nov 2015

About the site:

The valley systems of Wied Xlendi and Wied tal-Kantra area which is found on Malta’s sister island of Gozo in a Natura 2000 site of 296.30 ha, is one of the largest Natura 2000 areas in the Maltese Islands.

Including cultivated agricultural land, rock escarpments and sea-cliffs, the diversity of habitats attract a large and diverse avifauna while serving as a staging post for a number of migratory birds.

19 Nov 2015

Yesterday, reacting to the tragic events in Paris of 13 November, the European Commission rushed a proposal to review the Firearms Directive. FACE supports the European Commission’s initiatives in the fight against terrorism and illegal practices. FACE nonetheless questions how the Commission’s proposal to further restrict the lawful possession of firearms by hunters and sports shooters would prevent terrorists from committing atrocities.

30 Oct 2015

The European Commission has decided to extend the deadline for applications to the Natura 2000 Awards for two more weeks – 15th of December: Link

15 Oct 2015

During the Green Week 2015 held in Brussels from 3rd to 5th of June, several LIFE projects were rewarded for their successful work and achievements on a wide range of nature conservation and environmental issues.

14 Oct 2015

Hunters, trained conservation volunteers, foresters, national park staff, environmentalists, researchers and students carried out field work gathering biological samples in view of testing a non-invasive wolf census methodology.

14 Oct 2015

The Slano Kopovo nature reserve is one of the last preserved salt marshes in Vojvodina, Serbia. Due to the growing endangered status of salty lakes and salty habitats worldwide the Slano Kopovo is a habitat of international importance.


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