7 Oct 2012

Biodiversity policy at a global level is guided by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the most important international convention in the field of environment conservation. The CBD has 3 main objectives, notably for hunters the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable use of the components of biological diversity.

5 Oct 2012

To assist the European Commission in presenting the results of the service contract – Scientific and technical assistance supporting species protection under the Birds Directive, FACE and BirdLife International were invited to the ORNIS Committee meeting.

4 Oct 2012

On 4 October the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg delivered final judgment in the Chabauty v. France case.

30 Sep 2012

The Belgian delegation of the CIC recently drew our attention to the difficulties encountered by Belgian residents departing from Brussels airport to take their hunting firearms to non-EU countries, as they need to obtain in advance an export permit (first-time infractors are however allowed to pursue their trip after receiving a warning).

28 Sep 2012

The Danish Hunters´ Association held the second of two conferences on small game on 27-28 September. The conferences saw national and international experts presenting their professional knowledge and assessment of issues related to management of field game in modern agriculture, exploring the topic from both national and European perspectives with many partners involved.

27 Sep 2012

On 27 September two new Commission regulations amending the EU CITES Implementing Regulation (EC) 865/2006 started to apply.

27 Sep 2012

Held in Constanta, by the Black Sea, a wide array of key activities, including a Hunting and Fishing Fair, the National Finals for Shooting and Gun dogs, the World Carp-fishing Championships and crucially, their National Congress and the Hunting and Fishing Festival were organised by the Romanian Federation of Hunters and Anglers (AGVPSR).

Several hundred delegates from all the AGVPSR regional hunting associations presented their activity reports and discussed relevant policy issues.

27 Sep 2012

Union representatives from 7 countries gathered in Virginia, USA on 27 September at the heart of the American fox-hunting country.

26 Sep 2012

Under the initiative of the FACE Member SLRB (Union of Hunters and Anglers of Bulgaria) a symposium on Natura 2000 and Biodiversity was held at their headquarters in Sofia.

18 Sep 2012

Taking place on 17-18 September, this meeting was held under the Cypriot EU Presidency in Paphos, Cyprus was attended by FACE’s Angus Middleton.


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