France : Big game hunters visit FACE


A delegation from the French national association of big game hunters (Association nationale de Chasseurs de Grand Gibier, ANCGG) including their President Gérard visited the FACE office as part of Sustainable Hunting Intergroup President MEP Véronique Mathieu’s Académie des cadres cynégétiques européens (Academy of European Hunting) on 14 November. This initiative brings groups of French hunters from different regions across France to visit the EU Institutions, meet officials and of course, visit FACE for a special hunters’ perspective on EU affairs as well as the European Landowners’ Organization, ELO.

Following an introduction and overview of FACE, in-depth presentations on 3 key FACE dossiers: Animal Welfare, Firearms and the FACE Biodiversity Manifesto were given by the FACE Team, providing the delegation with a deeper insight into the working of both the EU and of FACE. The visitors had lunch at the FACE House, with the opportunity to raise issues of particular interest to them, share their ideas and experiences and discuss their connection to EU policies with the FACE Team who were delighted to meet the representatives and hear their views. 

The visits of nationals to FACE in Brussels help to communicate the immense relevance of the EU and its implications for local hunters. This is a great challenge, which becomes more critical as the EU gains in importance. One of the ways to address this is to encourage initiatives that allow hunters and related stakeholders to interact with the EU processes and visit the Institutions and EU decision-makers it in person. 

FACE is always keen to host visits from hunters, which represents an opportunity to explain what FACE does for them but above all a way for FACE to know first-hand their priorities and concerns. We strongly encourage Members to organise similar delegation visits with their national MEPs. Please contact FACE for further advice. 

We look forward to welcoming more hunters at the European House of Hunting!