FACE supports ECMA’s™ call for greater harmonization of legislation for their industry in the EU

On 6 March 2017, at the International Weapons Exhibition (IWA) and Outdoor Classics 2017 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, FACE and the Electronic Collar Manufactures Association™ (ECMA™) strengthened their collaboration and called for greater harmonization of legislation concerning ECMA’s™ industry.

With great fragmentation caused by inconsistent national approaches in the EU, ECMA™ members and dog owners are unable to benefit fully from the EU Internal Market.

ECMA™’s President, Edward Phelan, highlighted the industry’s commitment to the development of innovative products such as user guides that enable effective and reliable animal training while protecting their welfare. He also referred to the substantial investments being made into research and development to constantly improve the effectiveness and safety of the products.

Ludwig Willnegger, Secretary General of FACE, stressed that there is long-standing bond between hunters and their dogs since the dawn of time. Well trained dogs are a key component of hunting and FACE welcomes the wide range of products available, but is concerned about the unjustified restrictions in some national markets.


About ECMA

The Electronic Collar Manufactures Association™ (ECMA™) was created in March 2004 as a result of increasing awareness from different manufacturers concerning the necessity of regulating the industry. ECMA™ is committed to improving the quality of lives of pets while protecting animal welfare. ECMA™ welcomes debate of robust scientific evidence with a view to constantly improving the effectiveness and safety of products.

For more information, please visit ECMA’s website